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Artist Feature: Produkt, ‘My Perspective’ (Seen It All – Freestyle) [Watch]

Produkt, the hard-hitting rapper from the Bronx whose “one fan at a time” grassroots philosophy has netted him hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and deep respect from the hip hop blogosphere.

He is the first rapper to be nominated for 5 single-year Underground Music Awards UMA’s 11 year history. The Bronx rapper ascended to notoriety when he won 3 of the 5 nominations at the 2014 UMAs.

This year, Produkt released two hit singles: “Hold it Down” and “Freak Affair.” “Hold it Down” caught the attention of well-respected music critics and was nominated for UMA’s Best Video and Song of the Year honors.

The success is also a result of Produkt’s “Larger than Life” lifestyle that’s half rebellious rage and half charismatic cool, though things weren’t always that balanced.

There was once a time when Produkt was just another dealer chasing the fast life. Unlike the typical story of a talented artist pursuing the wrong priorities to a dead end, he instead honed his rapping and writing skills, and turned his focus solely to music upon the birth of his daughter.

The conscious shift in lifestyle has certainly paid dividends for this Hispanic rapper who counts Big Pun as his primary influence.  Top hip hop critics have been noted to say:

“One listen to his music and it’s plain to see that he is a force to be reckoned with.” (YoRaps)

“Rap Renegade Produkt is the embodiment of true hip hop.” (Hip Hop Lead)

Due to the superior quality of his music videos, he’s also been compared to major label acts. Most importantly, however, his newfound success has given Produkt a renewed outlook; one where he values people he can learn from and who are positive.

It’s not a stretch to say that positivity is contagious, given the justified optimism represented in interview quotes like, “Believe in me. There’s nothing that will stop me from being a force in this game.”

Check out Produkt’s new video, “My Perspective, Seen It All – Freestyle”.

Artist Feature: Naturally Amazing, ‘So Serious’ [Watch]

In this metamorphic world that we call “Hip-Hop”, true talent and artistry is becoming a rarer commodity than inexpensive oil. The answer to Hip-Hop’s true art deficit has come in the form of a young “rock star”, of West Indian descent who hails from the Castle Hill/ Parkchester section of the genre’s birthplace (the Bronx).

The plans name is “Naturally Amazing”, but he was given to the world as Troy Harper, on the 25th day in July 1984. It wasn’t until 1999 that Harpers fascination with music started its evolution. During his freshmen term in high school, he began to write songs with his partner Beezy, who he attributes, much of his growth as an artist too. “Beezy was the one who got me out of that freestyle stage, he showed me to establish my identity through song.”

It was also around this time that he chose to go with the moniker given to him by his mother, Ness aka N/A. When Beezy passed away in 2003, it made N/A feel a stronger urge to push forward in music. Living by the saying that “…the worst thing in the world is wasted talent”, he decided not to silence what he and his fallen comrade started.

After hooking up with Leighton “LoKey” Dormer’s Bankroll Ent. , he adopted the moniker Naturally Amazing. He stated, “It isn’t just a moniker but the definition of my lifestyle and artistry. I say that because everyday I defy the odds.” Naturally Amazing rarely talks of the adversities that serve as the reasoning for his adoption of this mantra.

In 2004, Naturally Amazing hooked up with Reggie O, Adat, and super producer Vinny Idol of Dblock; he became an official player on the Armed & Ready Entertainment team. With a strong production arsenal at his disposal, and an eclectic perspective on music, which has been inspired by the likes of everyone from Al Greene to Biggie to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers; N/A has started his path into Hip-Hop history.

When asked about his goals in music, he simply answers “To bring Hip-Hop back to music of substance through good creative music, forget everything else as far as gimmicks. Let’s move the crowds again.

Check out Naturally Amazing’s latest video, “So Serious.”