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BET Hip Hop Awards 2015 Live Blog

The time has finally come! Check out The Hip Hop Times’ BET Hip Hop Awards 2015 Live Blog.

8:00 – Future opens the show with “Where Ya At” and “March Madness.”

8:05 – Snoop Dog appears to host the BET Hip Hop Awards 2015.

8:10 – Monica presents the award for Best Club Banger to E-40, DJ Mustard and Big Sean (not in attendance) for IDFWU.

8:15 – Sprite presents the Cypher with DJ Premier, Jackie Spade, Joyner Lucas (one of the nicest spitting in the cypher this year), Tink (represented for the female rappers, she’s also nice).

8:21 – T.I. graces the stage with Young Dro to perform “Car Ain’t Got No Roof.”

8:28 – Redman, Erick Sermon, DJ Scratch and Keith Murray cypher. Need we say more?!

8:32 – Snoop and DJ Khaled present Hip Hop News.

8:35 – Dej Loaf hits the stage. Kid Ink comes out to perform with Loaf, “Be Real.”

8:43 – Claudia Jordan presents the Who Blew Up Award to Fetty Wap (not in attendance due to his accident). Congrats Fetty and feel better soon!

8:45 –  iHeart Memphis on the stage. Not sure what just happened here… looks more like a Footlocker employee workout.

8:51 – Another Cypher, King Mez, J-Doe, Raury (loving his fashion sense, very Kanye meets Andre 3000), Casey Veggies, Vince Staples

8:57 – P. Diddy and the Family, Kim killed it already! Style P could it be! Yassssss!

9:06 – Ray J on stage with Snoop, talks about his addiction to females.

9:08 – Rich Homie Quan performs looking sharp in his suit, Oh Oh Oh!

9:11 – OT Genasis turns up with “Coco.”

9:20 – Next cypher, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Questlove, Renee Elise Goldberry, Daveed Diggs, Black Thought

9:25 – Ludacris presents the tribute to legendary hip hop artist Scarface.

9:36 – The moment we’ve been waiting for, beatbox cypher! Doug E Fresh, Nicole Paris (she’s got skills!) and Rahzel. One of the top moments of the BET Hip Hop Awards show!

9:40 – Battle rap time! Smack on the stage Charlie Clipz, DNA, T. Top, Rain 910 and K-Shine. Tay Roc is missing, hopefully we will see him next year!

9:51 – Travis Scott performs “Antidote.” May be one of the best performances of the evening.

The awards ceremony and The Hip Hop Times’ BET Hip Hop Awards 2015 Live Blog comes to an end.

We R The Lost “Still Lost:” Music Review

Milwaukee hip hop group, We R The Lost consists of members Jon Briggz, Bili Ro$e, Damir Balo, and Sir Castro. What started out as a group of aspiring hip hop artists being considered “lost” because of their “party first” attitude has evolved into a mission of expressing the way they live through music.

We R The Lost recently released “Still Lost,” featuring producers Nova, DerelleRideOut and Mister Mammoth.  The group’s sound reaches a variety of audiences. From partygoers to intellects, there’s a song for everyone on “Still Lost.”

“Still Lost” starts off with the intro, “I’m Spotted.” The sound of drums and a piano take precedence, resulting in a jazz-like sound. The message on this EP becomes immediately clear with lyrics like:

“Leave something for the mind that’s misleading the mind, and I still keep it in mind, I’m getting better with time. Not only that, but my clock is a little fast today. I’m waiting on my recovery like Marshall Mathers.”

The intro ends on a powerful note: “Now that I’m lost, I’m well aware.”

The song titled, “New Black” is about not playing victim to the stereotype that society often casts on certain communities. More often than not, most are judged on their social economic status. “New Black” touches on those issues with lyrics like:

“Man you people so apathetic, the true move, but the enemy be groovin’, all in your face then they got you movin’, now they at your place.”

“I’m all about it, I talk about it and get it out the way, then walk around it. This shit ain’t about race, it’s about class, don’t be without it.”

“I’m that nigga that kept you waiting, now I’m right here keep your twist and braids in, ‘He knows no better,’ said the tall Caucasian. That’s a stereotype, don’t play my station.”

Chorus: “I ain’t saying I’m looking for a handout. So Ima get this money on my own. They saying I ain’t even got a chance now, can somebody tell what me I’m doin’ wrong?”

New black, new black, I’m in it all night in, new black, new black. I’m doing alright, new black, new black, I think I gotta a chance, new black new black, I’m doin’ what I can.”

“Can’t lay down and be a victim, we weighed down in income, better get out there and get on your job. If you ain’t got one, better get one.”

“Say The Word,” featuring T. Harris is more of a commercial track. This song talks about a girl he’s intimate with, but wants more than what he’s offering her. She’s falling in love, but there are no intentions of commitment.

“You’re not the only one I’m into, I’ve slept with more than half of the women at my venue. Besides, you got a situation of your own, you don’t need that attention, you can leave that at home.”

It’s basically a track for the ladies. A smooth, quality beat in combination with a talented featured artist,”Say The Word” is an airwave-worthy song.

“The Times,” is an extremely socially conscious track. It starts off with a blurb from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., then touches on the injustices that have recently occurred.

“Ain’t no way around it, a white man racial profiling. My hands up, but they shoot me ’til I’m silent, and the man behind him won’t mind it. ”

“Let a nigga live? I’ll be glad when they let us, united we stand, divided we fall. F**k the police and I mean every letter. I promise I’ll never be the victim of a senseless homicide, because I ain’t qualify to bite the bullet. I hope the angels on my side.”

One of the hardest things to accomplish is providing music you can listen to on the way to the club, while reaching the audience who concern themselves with social issues, which unfortunately goes hand in hand with hip hop.

In addition to lyrics that actually make sense, clever punchlines, and quality production is what separates “Still Lost,” from your typical underground hip hop EP is versatility. For those of you who are in tune with social issues, but enjoy a quality sounding hip hop track, We R The Lost has the remedy.

“Still Lost” Rating: 8 out of 10

Stream We R The Lost’s “Still Lost” on Soundcloud or download the EP on iTunes.