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Tupac Biopic to Film in June 2015, Has Rights to Tupac’s Music [Video]

The time has come for all Tupac fans to rejoice. Complex Magazine reported that the Tupac Biopic will begin filming in June of 2015.

Besides the fact that it’s a Tupac biopic, what makes this one different from the recently debuted biopics is that the film has the rights to Tupac’s original music.

The film’s producer Randall Emmett, known for his appearances on “The End of Watch” and “Power” has confirmed the news.

“That project is being put together for a June start date. And we’re still with Morgan Creek. And we’re financing with them. Open Road is our U.S. distributor still for domestic. And the script is great. And we’re ready to make the movie. And we’re just figuring out—just prepping the logistics…Morgan Creek bought the rights to the music and we share 50 percent of the rights with Morgan Creek. So, Morgan Creek acquired all the music rights from the estate when they partnered with Tupac’s mother.”

The film will focus on rapper’s early years as an important time in his music career. The infamous beef between the East Coast and West Coast may also be featured in the Tupac biopic.

Emmett stated, “I think that our story like a lot of biopics especially in the Hip Hop space will start at the beginning of his life. Kinda set up his beginnings and the people around him. And then go into kind of the key years leading up to the pinnacle of his success. Those three or four key years of his rise.”

Check out the video from Complex for more details on the Tupac Biopic.

2 Chainz Launched A New Record Label, The Real University (T.R.U.)

It’s been a while since we heard from 2 Chainz. He hit the ground running back in 2010 in mainstream hip hop and continued to make headway in the industry, then all of a sudden the Atlanta rapper went MIA.

Well, the “Goodnight” rapper is back and may be better than ever! 2 Chainz launched a new record label, The Real University (also known as T.R.U.).

He will be making the official announcement via his mixtape, “Tru Jack City” which will be released on Jan. 27, 2015. 2 Chainz will introduce his newly signed artists Cap 1, Skooly, Fresh (aka Short Dawg), Young Dolph and Bankroll Fresh on “Tru Jack City.”

2 Chainz is featured on the first track of the “Tru Jack City” mixtape titled “Traphouse Stalkin,” available now.

Now that 2 Chainz launched a new record label, does this mean we will see less of him at the forefront or do you think he could be the next Diddy?

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 3.03.18 PM
2 Chainz will announce the launch of his new record label, The Real University (T.R.U.) and introduce his newly signed artists Cap 1, Skooly, Fresh (aka Short Dawg), Young Dolph and Bankroll Fresh on “Tru Jack City.”



Dipset 2015: Reunite for New Mixtape, Tour and More

Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex dropped hints at a possible Dipset 2015 mixtape on Jan. 1, 2015. Since then the airwaves and social media accounts of the rap group have confirmed these reports.

Funkmaster Flex broke the news on Instagram:

#DIPSET RADIO X CONCERTS X NEW MIXTAPE MADNESS!!!! I just spoke to @jimjonescapo x I just spoke to @Mr_Camron x I just spoke to@thejuelzsantana !!!!! These 3 men have put the bullshit aside and are ready to rock!!!!#STEPONE 7pm This Monday @Dipsetusa1997take over @Hot97 for 5Hours!!!!! No gossip bull**** just new freestyles and reuniting like the bosses they are!!!! #STEPTWO@Dipsetusa1997 x @djfunkflex are hitting 5 different clubs for #2015 !!!!! THE OFFICIAL 5 STOP DIPSET x DJFUNKFKEX REUNION MADNESS!!!! PROMOTERS HIT ME DIRECT @ LitDigitalDjs@Gmail.Com !!!!! Promoters get your money up!!! #STEPTHREE The most important one of all!!! NEW DIPSET MIXTAPE AFTER WE HIT THESE 5 CLUBS!!!!! New Dipset Mixtape hosted by @djfunkflex x @Djkhaled x@Therealswizzz x @Djmustard!!!!! The wait is over… I can’t take it any more!!!! This Dipset project has to happen!!!! Street wants it!!!!!

In addition to Dipset reuniting in 2015 for a new Mixtape, Funkmaster Flex also announced an upcoming tour. Reports state Dipset will probably perform in all 5 boroughs. Dipset will announce the release date of their mixtape after the conclusion of their tour.

Could this mixtape revive the Harlem natives’ careers? The answer is yes! Dipset is teaming up with hip hop’s best DJs for their new project; DJ Khaled, DJ Mustard and Swizz Beats.

Dipset will begin promoting their official come-back Monday, Jan. 5 at 7 p.m., as they take over Hot 97’s airwaves with new freestyles and more information on how they are bringing hip hop back to New York City!