Frank Peters, “50 Shades of Frank:” Music Review

Independent hip hop artist, Frank Peters is known for his dreamy interludes and aggressive style of music, describing his sound as “Party Infused with Real Life.”

Frank Peters has opened for artists like Lil Kim, Afroman, and Juicy J, and is considered a rising star. In 2013 he was MTV’s Artist to Watch and VH1’s Artist On The Rise. Peters’ most recent accomplishment is the release of “50 Shades of Frank.”

The EP starts off with none other than a dreamy introduction, with a smooth jazz-like feel. The track “Mr. Frank” reminds you of a late ’80s hip hop song. Here the artist talks about his talents as a rapper, females and sex. At times what Peters says is muffled and hard to understand.

The next song, “Bang” is pretty self explanatory, it talks about again, women and money, interrupted with the occasional gun shot and cash register noise.

“Limo tint on the window, so nobody can see through, has some ass to the gas, toss the burner by the steeple, the way that boy was hit, that boy had a body full of measles. Dots front and back, up and down to his b-hole. You dealing with a nigga with no chill – zero.”

Not sure who would use the word “b-hole” on a song in this day in age, it sounds like he just needed something to rhyme with measles. This song sounds as if it was meant to be a gangster rap track, but by the lyrics it’s hard to take serious.

Though “50 Shades of Frank” consists of 21 tracks there is an interlude after every song, which cuts the count down by half and the interludes almost  identical to one another.

Overall, the EP lacks substance; creativity and a vision are just a couple of components missing. If you plan on taking the typical money, drugs, sex, women and violence route, you also need hard punchlines, all of  which clearly do not exist on “50 Shades of Frank.”

“50 Shades of Frank” Rating: 2 out of 10

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