Interview with BK The Artist: Importance of Social Issues and Inspiration Behind His Artwork

On May 28, 2015 Eastmen Collective curated the FAFSA (Fundamental Art for Fixing Society’s Ailments) art exhibition, which showcased the works of BK The Artist.

Brian Kirhagis, also known as BK The Artist, is considered the modern day Dali. Using his talent to send powerful messages, Kirhagis’ surrealist-style paintings are aesthetically pleasing, but they also reflect the current issues within our society.

While BK The Artist has a wide range of collectors, a large portion of his clients consists of hip hop industry professionals such as Fabolous, Dame Dash, T.I., Swizz Beats and more.

We had the chance to talk to BK The Artist about his latest art exhibition, FAFSA; the inspiration behind his paintings and his mission to spread awareness about historical flaws, racial division and social inequalities.

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