Meek Mill vs Drake Feud: Publicity Stunt or Career Suicide?

Two weeks ago when Meek Mill came after Drake on social media, it sent the hip hop industry into a frenzy. No one saw that coming, especially since Drake was just featured on one of Meek’s latest songs “R.I.C.O” on his new album “Dreams Worth More Than Money.”

Putting the two rappers’ latest collaboration aside, Drake is friends and works very closely with the “Lord Knows” artist’s girlfriend Nicki Minaj. So it poses the question: Why did Meek Mill attack Drake on social media for the whole world to see?

After Meek accused Drake of having a ghostwriter fans began to take sides. Even radio station personalities Funkmaster Flex and Charlamagne chimed in. Things got ugly really quickly, to the point where City Councillor, Norm Kelly banned Meek Mill from Toronto.

Both rappers released consecutive diss tracks about each other within the past two weeks, but fans weren’t impressed. When you compare this rap feud to the likes of the Nas vs Jay Z and Biggie vs Tupac beef, the lyrics on these modern day diss records were unimpressive from both parties.

Given the situation we all expected harder punchlines, but music has to keep up with the speed of technology. Diligence has taken a backseat and it certainly showed in the Meek Mill vs Drake feud.

Minaj and Drake are more like industry brother and sister (even though Drake has practically professed his love for the rap diva). One can’t help but ask: Why didn’t Nicki Minaj stop Meek from beefing with Drake on Twitter?

Did Meek Mill and Drake purposely go easy on each other on their diss tracks? Was this all a publicity stunt or did Meek commit career suicide?

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