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50 Cent vs Meek Mill: Tony Yayo Comments, Is Meek’s Career Really Over? [Listen]

Meek Mill just can’t seem to stay out of gossip site headlines. Over the weekend Meek’s IG fingers got the best of him. The “Lord Knows” rapper started beef with hip hop’s king of controversy, 50 Cent.

The 50 Cent vs Meek Mill beef started when sites started speculating Meek’s new song “Gave ‘Em Hope,” took shots at 50 Cent with lines like:

“I got 50 reasons say you’re taking d**k / And it’s 50 reasons I should kill, ni**a.”


“Got the richest chick, she from your hood.”

Needless to say 50 shot back and we all know, once you get the “Power” creator started, there’s no stopping him.

He was a 💩head, but he was a good shit head. #EFFENVODKA

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A photo posted by 50 Cent (@50cent) on

Fellow G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo joined in on the fun and also went at Meek on IG:

It’s over for MMG Meek your boss a cop we the streets for real.💯

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This wound cuts pretty deep; 50 Cent already had beef with Meek’s boss, rapper Rick Ross. Unfortunately 50 Cent crushed Ross in that battle, to the point where Fiddy was taken to court back in July of 2015 by the mother of Ross’ child for leaking a sex tape.

Do you think Meek Mill came at 50 Cent in, “Gave ‘Em Hope?” Meek already faced (and continues to) a lot of ridicule for this battle with Drake… to the point where people are still talking about it. Is his career really over?

50 Cent on the Cover of Alexa: ‘You Wanna See My Versace Toilet?’

Rapper 50 Cent is best known for his disses and comments, but that’s about to change.

Have you seen 50 Cent on the Cover of Alexa? If not, you should, as the “Power” creator looked sharped in his Framar hat, Thomas Pink coat and DSquared suit.

The New York Post’s Hardeep Phull sat with Fiddy as he dished on his Versace toilet, Drake, his sense of style and more.
As 50 Cent became more successful his choice of clothing changed:
“Where I come from, suits are associated with court dates and funerals, but I made the adjustment as I grew. I still get people asking me, ‘Why are you wearing that?’ But they don’t mean enough for me to care.”

50 Cent also talked about the holidays and who is the designated chef in this family:

“My aunt Geraldine is my favorite,” he says warmly. “She knows it, too. They still buy me stuff like socks for Christmas, but you can never have enough. They cook the food on Christmas too.”

“What do I bring to the table? I bring me! I’m the entertainment!”

See the photos and full interview on NYPost.com