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Cash Money Loses Another Artist: Bow Wow Officially Leaving the Label, Working with Jermaine Dupri and Snoop Dog [Video]

Cash Money loses another artist. The label has had a rocky 6 months following Tyga’s departure and Lil Wayne’s lawsuit.

Now, Cash Money is losing another artist, Bow Wow. He made the announcement via a video on Facebook.

“Let me just say this first. The media will take this and spin it around and headlines will say ‘Bow Wow Goes at Cash Money.’ This is something totally different. I have so much respect for Birdman, a lot of respect.”

“This is a man who took the risk on signing me. Not only that, but a person who opened up his spot for me. We had so many ill conversations that I’ve learned from and I take that to heart.”

“I’ve never had any of the issues any of the other artists are having. This is not one of those situations. This is a peaceful situation.”

“What this is, me looking at myself in the mirror and asking myself, ‘what is it that you want out of your career, what is it that you want to do?’ I have so much music that needs to be heard and wants to be heard by my fans. I feel like this is unfair.”

I’ve been quiet for four years, because when I was going to say something, I wanted to make sure it was said correctly.”

“What that being said I just felt like I had to part ways.  I want to dictate when my music comes out.”

“I’ve been in this business since I was 5 years old, I feel like by now I should know what it takes to succeed, I don’t need a crutch anymore.”

In other Bow Wow news, the “Let Me Love You” rapper has also confirmed via Twitter that he is back to working with Jermaine Dupri and Snoop Dog.

See Bow Wow’s full video here.


Breaking News: Shots Were Fired at Lil Wayne’s House

Seems like Lil Wayne just can’t seem to get out of the limelight. From record label feuds to new music, the rapper has a lot going on.

One more thing was just added to his plate; according to News 7 shots were fired at Lil Wayne’s house located at 94 Lagorce Circle in Miami Beach, FL this afternoon.

The shooting comes a month and a half after Lil Wayne announced he was suing his mentor Birdman and the Cash Money record label for the release of his contract.

Has the tense situation between Lil Wayne and Birdman escalated? We all know just last month Birdman was denied entry to Nicki Minaj’s Pre-Grammy Party, although Baby (tried) to shut those rumors.

Surely I’m not the only one questioning whether or not this was an attempt to warn to the “Truffle Butter” rapper about leaving Cash Money.

Do you think the shooting was Cash Money related or is this a mere coincidence?

Lil Wayne and Cash Money: Suing Birdman and The Label?

Earlier this month news broke about the feud with Lil Wayne and Cash Money Records.  The “No Worries” rapper went on an apparent Twitter rant, stating he wanted off the label.

He went on to apologize to his fans for the delay of “Tha Carter V” album,“This is not my fault. I am truly and deeply sorry to all my fans but most of all to myself and my family for putting us in this situation.”.

While we were busy enjoying the holidays, recent developments occurred with the Lil Wayne and Cash Money saga.

According to TMZ, there is a possibility that Lil Wayne is suing Birdman and Cash Money.  A close source told TMZ that Wayne gave the label a choice, either release “Tha Carter V” or he will take Cash Money to court in efforts to be released from his contract.

TMZ also reported that Weezy and Birdman still aren’t speaking to each other, so the “Only” rapper means serious business.

Suge Knight even chimed in on the Lil Wayne and Cash Money feud. He told TMZ that he’s on Weezy’s side in the battle against the label.

Is this the end of Lil Wayne and Cash Money? Will they ever release “Tha Carter V?”