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Rita Ora Is Suing Roc Nation? Says Label is ‘Diminished’

Within the last year Roc Nation has made some power moves. Between signing lyrical genius, rapper Fabolous and venturing into the sports management industry, many can say Jay Z’s label has been a success.

Well, maybe one person may not agree and that’s Rita Ora. The “Body on Me” singer is far from happy with the label. In fact, there have been reports stating that Rita Ora is suing Roc Nation.

According to the lawsuit:

“As Roc Nation’s interests diversified, there were fewer resources available and the company suffered a revolving door of executives.”

“Rita’s remaining supporters at the label left or moved on to other activities, to the point where she no longer had a relationship with anyone at the company.”

A report in Us Weekly states that Ora feels Roc Nation isn’t taking care of their artists because the company is too busy dipping into sports management. The lawsuit also stated that Ora felt “orphaned” by the “diminished” label.

Allegedly the “How We Do” singer has been self-funding her projects; paying for her own videos, TV appearances and recording costs.

Rita Ora is filing under California’s “seven-year rule.” This is a section under the labor law in which a court cannot enforce a contract after seven years of signing to a label.

California’s “seven-year rule” may work in Ora’s favor. She signed with Roc Nation in 2008, reaching the seven-year mark. According to Rolling Stone  when this type if lawsuit is filed it usually leads to renegotiation or a settlement.

Do you think Roc Nation has abandoned Rita Ora? Does she have a right to sue for

50 Cent on the Cover of Alexa: ‘You Wanna See My Versace Toilet?’

Rapper 50 Cent is best known for his disses and comments, but that’s about to change.

Have you seen 50 Cent on the Cover of Alexa? If not, you should, as the “Power” creator looked sharped in his Framar hat, Thomas Pink coat and DSquared suit.

The New York Post’s Hardeep Phull sat with Fiddy as he dished on his Versace toilet, Drake, his sense of style and more.
As 50 Cent became more successful his choice of clothing changed:
“Where I come from, suits are associated with court dates and funerals, but I made the adjustment as I grew. I still get people asking me, ‘Why are you wearing that?’ But they don’t mean enough for me to care.”

50 Cent also talked about the holidays and who is the designated chef in this family:

“My aunt Geraldine is my favorite,” he says warmly. “She knows it, too. They still buy me stuff like socks for Christmas, but you can never have enough. They cook the food on Christmas too.”

“What do I bring to the table? I bring me! I’m the entertainment!”

See the photos and full interview on NYPost.com