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Bobby Shmurda Still in Jail, Is Attorney Howard Greenberg His Only Hope?

For those of you wondering, yes, Bobby Shmurda is still in jail. With a bail set a $2M and charges for drugs and guns, many are wondering if that’s where he’ll stay.

Epic records has yet to post bail for the “Hot Boy” rapper, which left him to spend Christmas on Riker’s Island.

There have been rumors that Shmurda faced 69 charges, but The FADER reports there are 12 other defendants, including Bobby Shmurda and they are all facing 69 charges in total.

So what does this mean for the new rap sensation? In efforts to save Bobby and his potential career attorney, Howard Greenberg was hired for his case.

A well-known criminal defense lawyer, Greenberg has a very high success rate when it comes to defending those convicted of firearm possession, drugs and even murder. If anyone can help Bobby Shmurda win this nightmare of a case, it could be Greenberg.

Is there hope for the 20-year-old Brooklyn rapper? Greenberg’s website notes, “No one can win a federal trial involving narcotics out of JFK Airport unless it’s Howard Greenberg.”

Should Epic Records post bail for Bobby Shmurda? Can the “Hot Boy” rapper beat this case?


Meek Mill Released from Jail, Fellow Rappers Tweet ‘Welcome Home’

After serving five months in prison for gun and drug charges, Meek Mill was released from jail yesterday.

He may be out of prison, but he’s not a completely free man. Meek cannot travel outside the Philadelphia area, so appearances and shows won’t be booked until his arrangements are approved.

Meek will also be required to attend counseling and do community service.  Although the “Flexing” rapper is still somewhat restricted, it’s a small price to pay to get back into the booth.

Since then, rappers have took to Twitter welcoming the 27-year-old rapper back home:

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Suge Knight Hospitalized in Jail

According to TMZ Suge Knight was hospitalized in jail over the weekend.

While in his jail cell, Knight suddenly fainted and was immediately admitted into the infirmary. He then passed again during an X-ray; Knight was then rushed to a near by hospital.

Sources reported a blot clot in Knight’s lung from the shooting that occurred on Aug. 24 at 1Oak nightclub in West Hollywood. The rap mogul was shot 6 times and walked out of the club on his own before being hospitalized.

Knight is on a heavy dose of blood thinners, which he may not be taking while being currently incarcerated since last week for the alleged robbery of a photographer’s camera involving him and Kat Williams.