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‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ Season 4: Cast Cuts and Suspensions

Since the airing of the “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” Reunion, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the cast of the show.

After the unforgettable brawl that occurred during the reunion special, many wondered if the infamous Joseline Hernandez would be paying the price for attacking her fellow cast mates.

Fans of the show were shocked when news broke that Benzino and Althea were fired from “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” for the tag team fight against Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez.

Rumors surfaced about Stevie J and Hernandez’s drug abuse after Benzino blasted the couple for being high during the reunion special, which is what fueled the feud, causing Benzino’s dismissal from the series.

Since then, there have been recent developments in the “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” season 4 cast.

Rasheeda and Kirk Frost have allegedly been let go from the series. Despite the rumors of the couple faking their drama for more airtime, it wasn’t enough to make the cut for “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” season 4.

New members Tony Vick and Kaleena Harper will not be returning to the show. All the sexy bestie scenes weren’t enough to keep the couple relevant for another season.

Waka Floca and Tammy Rivera are another couple who won’t be returning to “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” season 4. The newly weds got their own spin-off show with an unknown air date.

Although it seemed as if Joseline Hernandez suffered no consequences for the multiple attacks on Mimi, Tammy and Althea, reports state she will be suspended without pay for the first four episodes of season 4.

The show’s producers certainly know how to keep things interesting; amongst the returning cast members Nikko Smith will be featured with… his wife!

Scrappy’s “friend” Erica Pinkett will also return for “Love and Hip Hop” season 4, so there may be another scandal in the works.

Singer Nivea is allegedly joining the cast of “Love and Hip Hop.” As many know, she has deep ties to the hip hop industry as she is Lil’ Wayne’s second “baby momma” and R&B singer The Dream’s ex-wife… this should be interesting.

Here’s full list of returning cast members:

Mimi Faust

Erica Dixon

Karlie Redd

Lil Scrappy

Momma Dee

Stevie J

Nikko Smith (and his wife)

Erica Pinkett

Adiz “Bambi” Benson

Yung Joc

These updates are only speculation, but given the information, the rumors seem pretty legit. Will you be tuning in to “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” season 4?



‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Joseline Hernandez Losing Her Fame?

There was a time when Joseline Hernandez was a household name on Monday nights. She quickly gained fame from the hit reality show “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” but her buzz could be fading just as fast.

Hernandez was casted as producer Stevie J’s artist turned mistress and eventually evolved into the hitmaker’s “wife.” She and Stevie J even got the name “Mr. and Mrs. Monday,” as  the public anticipated their presence on the series.

Although Hernandez became fairly popular in the reality show and hip hop industry, it appears as if she is now a little too well-known; to the point that she has overly saturated herself and many no longer care for her persona.

Is Joseline Hernandez losing her fame? You be the judge and check out her Instagram photos:

IMG_3637 IMG_3646 IMG_3639 IMG_3647


Hernandez gets anywhere from 60-80 likes, while her rival, Stevie J’s ex-girlfriend Mimi Faust receives an average of 15K-20K likes and fellow cast member Rasheeda Frost also gets a favorable amount of likes on social media.

IMG_3640 IMG_3641 IMG_3642 IMG_3644 IMG_3643


From cheating rumors with Rick Ross, to absurd videos of her rapping while intoxicated, in addition to the “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion” feud, her already tainted reputation has gotten even worst (if possible).

TMZ reported that Joseline Hernandez is now a wanted woman in NYC for the reunion brawl. She was served papers at her home in last week.

To top it all off, recently pregnancy rumors of Hernandez have circulated the media, but she is still partying. Could this be a desperate attempt for attention?


‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Joseline Hernandez Pregnant

“Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez is reportedly pregnant.  Earlier this week Stevie J confirmed that his “wife” Joseline Hernandez  is expecting their first child together.

As if the producer didn’t have enough children (and baby mama drama) already, he has got himself in another soon-to-be situation.

According to VH1, Stevie J confirmed Hernandez’s pregnancy in an interview with V100.7′s Reggie Brown.

After re-confirming (yet again) that his marriage to the “Puerto Rican Princess” was not a hoax, he also stated:

“We got a new addition with the family too, but I don’t wanna say too much, you know what I mean?”

We’re expanding the Jordan family, if you understand what I mean.”

After the “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion footage, Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez having a baby on the way was probably the last announcement expected from the reality T.V couple.

Some don’t believe the hype about the pregnancy. “The Baddest Boosh” still has her infamous washboard stomach and her Instagram account showcased a pic her partying pretty hard about two weeks ago.

Most celebrities follow the cardinal rule and wait for a baby bump to appear, before disclosing pregnancy news, so why the rush?

Bossip reported jokes were made about Hernandez at the BET Awards, which sent her to cry backstage. This is unusual; Hernandez is known for her tough skin and confidence.

On the small screen, it’s almost as if it is impossible for anyone to break her down (besides Stevie J of course).

The question remains; is Joseline Hernandez really pregnant or is this another attempt for attention?