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Breaking News: Shots Were Fired at Lil Wayne’s House

Seems like Lil Wayne just can’t seem to get out of the limelight. From record label feuds to new music, the rapper has a lot going on.

One more thing was just added to his plate; according to News 7 shots were fired at Lil Wayne’s house located at 94 Lagorce Circle in Miami Beach, FL this afternoon.

The shooting comes a month and a half after Lil Wayne announced he was suing his mentor Birdman and the Cash Money record label for the release of his contract.

Has the tense situation between Lil Wayne and Birdman escalated? We all know just last month Birdman was denied entry to Nicki Minaj’s Pre-Grammy Party, although Baby (tried) to shut those rumors.

Surely I’m not the only one questioning whether or not this was an attempt to warn to the “Truffle Butter” rapper about leaving Cash Money.

Do you think the shooting was Cash Money related or is this a mere coincidence?

Hip Hop Power Move News: Jay Z Bids for Aspiro and Lil Wayne Suing Birdman Taking Nicki Minaj and Drake

The Carters are about to change the hip hop game and we don’t mean Jay and Bey. Jay Z and Lil Wayne have started off the new year making some major power moves in the hip hop industry.

By now you’ve heard the news; Jay Z made a $56M bid for Swedish music steaming company Asprio. A few weeks ago rumors of the hip hop mogul’s purchase of New York City radio station Hot 97 surfaced, but he shot down those rumors immediately.

Apparently the news was on the right track, with the wrong information. Jay Z’s new business venture is a major move for the hip hop industry. If the “Holy Grail” rapper’s bid goes through, that means he has the power to change they way people stream music.

In other news Lil Wayne is suing his mentor/father figure Birdman. He wants $51 M and his release from Cash Money. To add insult to injury Weezy is also hinting at taking Drake and Nicki Minaj along with the money and his contract.

Another strong move in hip hop – why? Nicki Minaj and Drake have been at the top of the charts for almost 6 years strong. If Lil Wayne is released from his contract and takes his fellow rappers with him, the Young Money founder will have one of the strongest units in hip hop for his new venture (what ever that may be).

You have to admit, if this actually happens this will go down in hip hop history.

Cash Money’s deteriorating roster started with rapper Tyga in October 2014 when was interviewed by Vibe Magazine. Will the Cash Money franchise survive with the loss of Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Drake?

Jay Z bids for Aspiro and Lil Wayne suing Birdman taking Nicki Minaj and Drake, do you think the Carters are making some major power moves in hip hop news?

Lil Wayne vs. Cash Money: Lil Wayne Suing Birdman for Release of Contract?

As previously reported by The Hip Hop Times, Cash Money founders Lil Wayne and Birdman haven’t been on the best of terms lately, but could the rumors be true?  Is Lil Wayne suing Birdman for the release of his contract?

Birdman pushed back the much anticipated “Tha Carter V” album and Lil Wayne was not pleased to say the least. We all remember Wayne’s Twitter rant back in December 2014, where he stated, “I am a prisoner and so is my creativity.”

He continued, “This is not my fault. I am truly and deeply sorry to all my fans but most of all to myself and my family for putting us in this situation.”

According to TMZ the “Only” rapper met with Birdman this week in attempt to come to a comprise for the release of “Tha Carter V,” but Birdman made it clear that he will release Wayne’s album “in due time.”

The Young Money founder also claimed that he never received the $8M advance for “Tha Carter V.” Lil Wayne is now suing Birdman for the advance money, in addition to the release of mentor’s control.

Until then, Wayne will only claim his hip hop empire, Young Money and continue releasing his music the mixtape route as he did with “Sorry for the Wait 2.”

Could Lil Wayne suing Birdman mean the end of the Cash Money moguls’ relationship?