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Love and Hip Hop: New York Season 6 [Extended Trailer]

The wait is officially over;  Love and Hip Hop: New York Season 6 premiers Monday, December 14 at 8PM ET/PT.

While some of our favorite cast members return for the new season, there will be a few additions to the series, which make for an interesting line-up.

The first round of new cast mates Mariah Lyn, Young B (of “Chicken Noodle Soup” fame) and SexxyLexxy and MissMoeMoney from the rap duo BBOD battle to make themselves heard. These aspiring artists have had their share of managers, which hasn’t done much for their career.

Rah Ali puts on her managerial hat to manage these talented young ladies, but can the “Love & Hip Hop” veteran navigate her new career as a music manager and keep these girls out of trouble? Will they let past beef and love triangles hold them back? Who will rise to the top?

It’s been a big year for “Love & Hip Hop: New York” veterans Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris, who recently tied the knot on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop Live: The Wedding” special, and welcomed their daughter Skylar. This season, it’s back to business for the newlyweds and time to focus on finding a bigger place to live and blending their families. Yandy is ready to get back to managing artists and focus on her career but with Mendeecees’ jail sentence, their newly wedded bliss may not last long.

Since her recent release from prison, it’s fresh onto the “Love & Hip Hop” scene for rap superstar Remy Ma and her ride-or-die rapper husband Papoose. Love and Hip Hop: New York Season 6 follows Remy as she navigates through life on the outside and reclaims her crown as ‘Queen of NY,’ all while getting ready for a long-awaited official walk down the aisle.

Founding member of the “Creep Squad,” Rich Dollaz finds himself contending with the newest lady of the house — his daughter! Rich learns that when it comes to his number one girl, he has no control. Can she inspire her dad to completely change his messy ways or will he get wrapped up in some hot new talent?

Peter Gunz attempts to bring his two families together under the same roof, but will he finally be able to have his cake and eat it too? Or will Tara and Amina shatter the love triangle once and for all?

Cisco Rosado is now single and on the prowl. Mixing business with pleasure never ends well but which new, female talent will he choose to produce and who will have him ready to get down on one knee?

Newcomer DJ Self from New York radio station Power 105.1 bursts into “Love & Hip Hop” as we follow his relationship with Yorma, one of the hottest dancers in New York City, and their tangled web of drama. Can Self balance his packed schedule with his equally packed love life?

Firecracker and Instagram sensation Cardi B. leaps from the pages of IG to the small screen with a bang! It’s certain this tough cookie will deliver raw and real emotion as she entangles with her fellow cast members.

Check out the extended trailer for Love and Hip Hop: New York Season 6.

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‘Love and Hip Hop NY,’ Season 5 Episode 1 Recap [WATCH]

Love and Hip Hop NY” season 5, episode 1 started off with happy couples (for now) and new beginnings.

Erica’s Past Comes to Haunt Her 

Contrary to recent reports, Erica and Cyn started the show off as a couple, but still battled Erica’s free-loving ways. Cyn addressed Erica about the kiss she shared with Bow Wow’s on “106 & Park”.

The aspiring singer stated the only reason she kissed him was to entertain her fans. Cyn told Erica “You need to be a girlfriend first, then you can entertain.”

Chrissy and Chink Santana’s Fresh Start

Chrissy, a manager and her boyfriend, producer Chink Santana joined the cast of “Love and Hip Hop NY.”  She brought up the much needed divorce between Santana and his wife.

The producer told Chrissy going through one at this time would be difficult because he “doesn’t know how to go about it with kids in the picture.” Reluctant to move forward with a divorce, he needs time and asked her to be patient.

Diamond Strawberry Leaves Home For Her Modeling Career and Love

Famous baseball player Darryl Strawberry’s daughter, Diamond Strawberry has two goals: 1. A modeling career and 2. Taking her relationship with producer Cisco’s to another level.

Leaving her daughter behind to pursue her modeling career and chase a relationship, Diamond left L.A. behind to start a new life in New York.

The couple has been together for two years, but Cisco has been recently linked to Basketball Wive’s Jennifer {awkward}. He is pretty straight forward about his wild lifestyle, but Diamond thinks she’s the only girl in his life.  Will Cisco make room for Diamond?

Welcome Home Mendeecess

Yandy was reunited with Mendeecees after 14 months in jail. With the case against her fiance still pending, although happy to see her soon-to-be husband, Yandy had a bittersweet moment.

Yandy threw Mendeecees a welcome home party. {Did anyone else notice that Mendeecees brushed off Rich Dollaz as if he was irrelevant?}

Soon after, Mendeecees took Yandy on a secret trip to Las Vegas, as a token of his appreciation for sticking by him through one of the most difficult times of his life.

He also surprised her with a proposal to get married that very moment in a wedding chapel. Will they go through with it?

Rich Dollaz Is At It Again; Has Erica Met Her Match With New Castmate Chrissy?

Rich saw Chrissy at Mendeecees’ event and stopped by to talk about business. She immediately let her position on his ex-girlfriend known, but Dollaz stated there’s been no communication between the two in 5 months.

He needed girls for his new liquor launch, since Chrissy has a reputation for having the baddest females, he wanted to work with her.

That’s when the alleged Madame dropped the news about Erica’s previous position; she used to work with Chrissy, as an escort. “Back in the day when I was about that life. She was trying to get in the industry so bad.” she said.

After a being betrayed by Erica, Chrissy is on a mission to let everyone know about her enemy’s past.

Rich got news about Mena’s lawyer contacting his offices for money owed. Against Dollaz’s better judgement he had Erica meet to talk about the matter in the same location he and Chrissy were casting for the liquor event.

Chrissy came out, saw Erica and words were exchanged. Allegations of being a former escort were denied by Mena, which eventually led to an almost physical altercation.

Old Love Triangles: Peter Gunz, Amina and Tara

Amina and Peter Gunz live together and are awaiting the birth of their baby girl. Seemed like most of the drama with this love triangle was contained for episode 2.

Episode 1 of “Love and Hip Hop NY” was packed with eye-opening scandals and heart-felt moments. Is Bow Wow the reason behind Cyn and Erica’s breakup?  Will Peter Gunz remain faithful to Amina or will he try to weasel his way back into Tara’s arms? Will Cisco become a one-woman man for Diamond?