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Missy Elliott’s New Song WTF [Video]

After a 10 year hiatus, yesterday Missy Elliott’s new song WTF debuted on YouTube and has been trending on social media ever since.

The “Lose It” rapper teamed up with Pharrell Williams and together they created a masterpiece to close out 2015. In a time where rap music talks about who has the biggest booty and videos consists of half-naked women, Missy’s new song WTF is a breath of fresh air.

In her new song, Elliott stayed true to her craft and style. You can expect the same Missy Elliott punchlines (ie: “Sticking out your tongue when you know you’re too young”) and dance moves with futuristic outfits and graphics.

Take a took at Elliott’s new video for WTF (Where They From) and let us know if you think she’s officially making a comeback with her new music!