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Ray J and Princess Split, 911 Called After Suicide Threat

Seems like a lot has occurred since the “Love and Hip Hop” Reunion last night.

Contrary to what we saw on the special, the controversial couple Ray J and Princess split. TMZ reported that inside sources told them the “Hit it First” singer broke things off with his girlfriend Tuesday night.

Today, Princess continued to text him and when Ray J’s response differed from what was expected she threatened him with suicide.

At this time given the passing of Stephanie Moseley, suicide is being taken very seriously in Hollywood. Ray J told this dispatcher that he was on high alert due to his friend Earl Hayes’ murder-suicide incident that occurred this week.

Police went to the couple’s home for a welfare check, but Princess wasn’t there. Ray J confirmed since then he has spoken to her and she doesn’t plan on going through with the suicide attempt.

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran Split: Singer Apologizes for Instagram Rant

One of the most spoken about topics this past weekend was the messy break up between Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran that occurred on Instagram.

The two took turns taking shots at each other on social media Dec. 6, 2014. Karrueche Tran fueled the feud with an Instagram post about the demise of her relationship to Chris Brown.

“Once you find the strength within yourself, it’s hard to allow any type of bs around you. I refuse to be repeatedly mistreated especially by someone who claims to love me. That’s not love. And if that’s what you define as love then I don’t want it.”

Karrueche Tran fueled the feud with an Instagram post about the demise of her relationship to Chris Brown.

The “Loyal” singer responded with some low blows to his model (now) ex-girlfriend with allegations that Karrueche cheating on him with Drake.

“I was locked up for damn near 4 months and only got 1 visit from you while you was hosting parties and taking secret trips to Toronto, going on dates with Drake!”

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 10.30.07 AM

Brown also announced the break-up at a concert in L.A. and said “Well , I’m single too, f%#k that b*%$ch.”

Although Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran split, the singer apologized for his Instagram rant. He also deleted the posts on social media.

“Being young and dumb is one of my strong suits and emotional at best. I love hard and react impulsively when I’m hurt at times. I don’t think social media is a place to air out or hash out personal problems and a n*gga feel hella WACK for doing it. So I AM APOLOGIZING I live in a glass house and the same shit that makes me great also is my curse. Everybody know I love that girl. I don’t care how my image my look to the public because I’m still gonna be the best at what I do. I just want baby girl to know I apologize!”

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran split and singer apologized for his Instagram rant.
Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran split and singer apologized for his Instagram rant.

Did Nicki Minaj Reveal Former Boyfriend Safaree Samuels Cheated in the Song ‘Bed of Lies’? [Listen]

Nicki Minaj has been in the public eye (as always) and it’s not for a overly revealing video.

We recently reported the “Anaconda” rapper and her longtime boyfriend Safaree  Samuels split, but it doesn’t stop there.

Rumors surfaced that he was intimidated by the hip hop diva’s fame, which could make sense, seeing as he was viewed as her assistant.

Last week we also heard about Minaj taking a bat to a Benz that Samuels was driving. Authorities were called, but no charges were filed, as it was apparently her vehicle.

The new rumor is that Nicki Minaj’s former boyfriend cheated on her and that was the real reason for the break-up. Of course this is only speculation based on the lyrics to the song “Bed of Lies” she performed at the MTV EMAs.


Do you think Samuels cheated on the “Pills and Potions” rapper? Was that the real reason for the couple’s split?