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How Hip Hop Trends Have Influenced Pop Culture

The hip hop culture never truly gets the recognition it deserves. Snubs at mainstream award ceremonies is a prime example.

But, hip hop isn’t only deprived of its recognition when it comes to music and movies. Fashion and beauty trends are repeatedly duplicated in pop culture without an ode to the culture that originated the fad.

Here are three instances in which hip hop trends have influenced pop culture.


The infamous “MC Hammer Pants” were a huge fashion trend in the ‘90s hip hop era. Now it seems as if 2 out of 4 people can be seen wearing the pant fad.

Durags are another hip hop trend that can be seen paving the runways. It derived from the hip hop community and is now rocked by Versace models for the S//S16 collection. Guess there will be less discrimination against people wearing durags this year, what a relief (not really).

Versace models rock the durag trend.
Versace models rock the durag trend.


Cornrows have always been a hair trend in hip hop, especially since ’99 when female rapper Eve debuted her blonde locks in cornrows in “What Ya’ll Want”. Everyone from JLo to Ludacris started rocking braids.  Fast-forward to 2015, we had Kyle Jenner sporting cornrows.  She received compliments and her look was deemed chic.  It’s no surprise that many in the hip hop community felt uneasy about Jenner rocking a trend that stemmed from hip hop, so now of course cornrows are acceptable.

relax w meee A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on


The Large Derrière   

Prior to Nicki Minaj’s mainstream debut, big butts weren’t desirable in pop culture. Within the last two years everyone from Khloe Kardashian to Iggy Azalea has had lady hump enhancements. In September 2014 Vogue published an article about how we are now in “The Era of the Big Booty.

When it comes to hip hop trends, big butts have always been “in style,” sorry pop culture, as usual you’re late on this trend.

Do you feel that mainstream pop culture often duplicates hip hop trends without recognition?