The North Face founder Douglas Tompkins is Dead at Age 72

The North Face brand has been one of the most influential clothing names in the hip hop community. It’s a sad day for snorkel lovers; The North Face founder Douglas Tompkins is dead at age 72.

Tompkins died in a kayaking accident. The incident occurred Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2015 at General Carrera Lake in southern Chile. The 72-year-old founder of The North Face and clothing brand Epsrit was flown into Coyhaique Regional Hospital with severe hypothermia.

Local prosecutor, Pedro Salgado spoke to Bío Bío radio and stated that Tompkins spent a “considerable amount of time in waters under 4 degrees Celsius.”

Douglas Tompkins was known by all as an outdoorsman. His daughter Summer Tompkins made a statement:

“He flew airplanes, he climbed to the top of mountains all over the world. To have lost his life in a lake and have nature just sort of gobble him up is just shocking.”

Our condolence go out to Tompkins’ family and friends.

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