Tyga Texted a Young Instagram Model for Music?

By now we’ve all heard the claims that Tyga texted a young Instagram model. The girl is known as 14-year-old Molly O’Malia.

Once news broke many immediately thought the rapper contacted the girl for romantic reasons.┬áIt’s not far fetched right? In the text messages O’Malia tells Tyga she is 17, the same age as Kylie when she and Tyga allegedly started dating.

Well, it turns out that Tyga could be a potential talent scout. Reports state that the only reason the rapper reached out the the IG model, was to hear her sing. You read right, Tyga wanted Molly O’Malia to send him some music.
A statement was made earlier today.
Do you think Tyga was looking for more than just music, or was he simply on the hunt for new talent? You be the judge, read the text messages here.

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